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Design/Build Pricing Scale

Our policy is as follows: We can set an initial appointment at no charge, in order to discuss and share ideas for the property. At the end of the meeting, we will provide you a "Proposal for Design Services" which will be the fee to provide the design. We have an $800.00 design fee minimum and a $5,000.00 installation minimum. With a $10,000-$17,500 installation contract, we will credit 1/2 of the design fee. We will credit the entire design fee with a $17,501.00+ install contract.

Our installations would include items such as proper bed/soil preparation, an irrigation system designed specifically to the landscape design (equal precipitation rates and zone separation of turf and shrub areas), tree/plant/turf installation which includes a one-year warranty.

Please contact The Nelson Group, Inc. for more information.